We are Chathra…

Chathra Technologies is an innovative Technology Specialist providing meaningful, effective and suitable solutions for a wide range of businesses and agencies. We provide affordable IT solutions for new and existing businesses. Where needed, we also provide short and long-term strategic support to help our clients’ businesses thrive.

How do we do that ?

First, we utilize the latest web technology to ensure you’re on the cutting edge of all things digital. Then, We aid you in boosting your online presence and increasing your customer base. Our ultimate goal is a polished and functional end product that will have your business generating more revenue.

Getting prepared to conquer the world…

Lets conquer the world!

We are Chathra Technologies – a young, innovative company that presents effective, cutting edge and customizable web and app solutions that are also affordable. But it’s really not about us – it’s about you, our cherished client. This is why we provide both short and long-term strategic support and tailor every little detail according to the needs you have.

Our dedication and hard work has been valued by a wide number of clients we are happy to have worked with. From small companies to established agencies or big enterprises, our clients have praised us for having helped them to grow further and achieve greater success.

Latest From Our Portfolio


We Chathra team had the opportunity to design and develop the Business website of Lourdes Travels & Tours Company.

Visit : www.lourdestravels.com

The Four Secrets of How We Help You Succeed

Brilliant Planning

A good project starts with a thorough plan. Our planning team will provide advice, reliable support and intelligent strategy so your business achieves optimum results.

Your Own Unique Design

Every project has unique specifics. Your business needs custom tailored solutions and we are ready to create them for you. Our design team will always have your brand image, client base and services in mind when crafting an effective end product.

Built With The Latest Technology

A business should always be up to date with cutting-edge trends. In our work we employ the latest technologies – without any compromise for functionality, accessibility and security. You can rest assured that you will be on the top when it comes to top technologies.

From Heart And Soul

We love what we do. It’s the career path we have chosen ourselves, so we do everything with a lot of passion, dedication and fun while delivering outstanding end product to our clients. Our motivation makes us strive to be ever better and ever of greater help yo our clients.

Our Services

WordPress & CMS

The quality of a website can make or break a business. We are fully aware of that. This is why from small business to big enterprise, we are ready to present you with a beautiful, functional and secure website. We are flexible when it comes to platforms, so you can trust us for both WordPress web development or website creation on different CMS.

Mobile Applications

Your customers have become mobile. We understand the challenges of mobile technology and we are ready to help you and your company. Our proficiency ranges from iOS to Android devices and bears in mind any design and user experience specifics your business has. Increase your customer reachout with our powerful and eye-catching mobile solutions

UI & UX Design

A business should be accessible to its customers. You need not worry about inappropriate design or losing potential clients. Both our web development and mobile app development come with attention to the tiniest of user experience and user interface details. Your audience will be amazed by attractive, modern and responsive design…and you will see your revenue rising as a result.

Desktop & Web Applications

Have any custom solutions you wish to see integrated in your business model? Our team is flexible when it comes to tailored development solutions for both desktop and web applications. From functional E-commerce to rich and exquisite APIs, we have you covered.


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Off the Shelf Products

Latest From Our Portfolio

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